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              "You and your company are in a class by yourselves. I am eagerly looking forward to the completion of the Dating articles 
              program, as I have about a dozen such sites to feed." 
              - Alex

              "If this works out the way it looks, you have a goldmine here. Not just for yourself, but also for your members. Well done!" 
              - Mike 

              "This service is really good, produces way better articles then WordAI that im currently also using (the Turing spinner)." 
              - dr

              "I can tell you that I am extremely impressed with the quality of the writing. I am just blown away at the quality so far and want to see more." 
              - Chris

              "I've used this service for a week now, and have made 700 articles in very little time. I think the idea behind this tool is really great, and the user interface makes it easy to get the hang of." 
              - Bjarne
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