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              If we utilized the process of 'paragraph spinning' using the text shown above, both Copyscape and Google would notice. Google has been known to penalize websites utilizing this, as well as other forms of spinning. Even nested spinning, which generates 'super spun articles', cannot shed this digital footprint.
              We have over 2 million pages indexed by Google, even after the implementation of the 'Hummingbird' algorithm. Simply put, creating backlinks using our content is effective. Because we operate an SEO company, we have the results, which you can see here. We believe our patent pending technology will revolutionize the process of content creation. 
              Do you need custom content? If you're a savvy marketer, we're willing to create custom topics exclusively for you. This will eliminate the necessity of having to hire writers, streamlining the entire process of content creation. Simply click on the button to generate unique, quality articles via our platform. Or, simply request that we send you the requirements, necessary for you to have access to personalized content creation! 
              Topics We Cover 
              When we first designed our article generation system for 'Unlimited Keywords SEO', we needed to cover flexible themes to cater to our growing client base. Because the majority of our clients are SEO agencies, we found it necessary to cover a wide range of niches. Our topics are separated into six major themes: 'how to grow a business', 'how to operate a website', 'how to hire a contractor', 'how to find a doctor', 'how to sell products online', and 'how to hire a lawyer'. For example, if you need articles related to plumbing, you can use various angles, such as: 'how to grow a plumbing business', 'how to hire a plumbing contractor', 'how to sell plumbing services online', or 'how to operate a plumbing website'. 
              With our customizable keyword clout template, you can further modify your articles, to cater to sub-niches such as 'residential bathroom plumbing specialists'. Because of this flexibility, you can cover limitless topics so long as the angle of the article relates to any of the six general SEO categories. We plan to cover other broad internet marketing niches such as 'weight loss' and 'real estate', if there is enough demand. If you have an idea for a topic that you need us to cover, we're open to any of your suggestions! 
              Ways to find a good (?) lawyer 
              accident injury lawyer  
              bankruptcy lawyer  
              birth defects lawyer  
              corporate law lawyer  
              custody lawyer  
              debt lawyer  
              defense lawyer  
              divorce lawyer  
              domestic violence lawyer  
              DUI lawyer  
              employment attorney  
              human resources lawyer  
              immigration lawyer  
              medical lawyer  
              medical malpractice lawyer  
              mesothelioma lawyer  
              nursing home neglect lawyer  
              probate lawyer  
              product lawsuit lawyer  
              tax lawyer  
              traffic ticket lawyer  
              Ways to grow your (?) business 
              accounting services business  
              addiction rehab business  
              adoption service business  
              advertising business  
              animal boarding business  
              animal control business  
              antique retail business  
              appliance repair business  
              appraisal service business  
              architecture services business  
              auto body repair business  
              auto dealer business  
              auto lease business  
              auto parts supplier business  
              auto repair business  
              auto transport business  
              bail bonds business  
              bakery business  
              banners and sign business  
              beverage carbonization business  
              bike business  
              bin hire business  
              blogging services business  
              boat parade tour business  
              boat rental business  
              botox business  
              bounce house business  
              bridal shop business  
              building permit services business  
              burial services business  
              cable tv service business  
              camp business  
              car rental business  
              car wash business  
              carpet cleaning service business  
              catering business  
              CD duplication business  
              charter boat business  
              charter bus business  
              charter fishing business  
              charter plane business  
              cleaning service business  
              clock repair business  
              closet design business  
              college admissions coaching and guidance business  
              commercial refrigerator repair business  
              computer repair business  
              construction business  
              consulting business  
              cooking school  
              cooling tower business  
              costume rental business  
              counseling business  
              credit card business  
              dance instructions business  
              day care business  
              day care service business  
              delivery business  
              design service business  
              document services business  
              dog training business  
              domain services business  
              door manufacturing business  
              drainage consulting business  
              drill and blast business  
              driving school business  
              education services business  
              electrical equipment business  
              electronic instrument business  
              email marketing services business  
              engine parts business  
              engine products manufacturing business  
              engraving business  
              entertainment business  
              equipment rental business  
              equipment repair business  
              equipment supplier business  
              event planning business  
              fabrication service business  
              financial services business  
              financing business  
              fitness center business  
              florist business  
              forex consulting business  
              forklift rental business  
              foster care business  
              fundraising products business  
              furniture retail business  
              golf resort business  
              grief counseling business  
              gymnastics business  
              hair restoration business  
              hair salon business  
              hand tools business  
              health clinic business  
              helicopter tour business  
              home care business  
              home inspection business  
              home security business  
              home theatre consulting business  
              horseback riding lessons business  
              hypnotherapy business  
              industrial equipment business  
              industrial parts business  
              insurance services business  
              interior design business  
              internet services business  
              investment services business  
              IT services business  
              kitchen design business  
              laboratory business  
              land clearing business  
              laser hair removal business  
              laundry services business  
              lawn care business  
              lead generation business  
              license services business  
              life coach services business  
              lighting consulting business  
              limo business  
              linen hire business  
              link building services business  
              loan consulting business  
              loan consulting business (auto)  
              locksmith business  
              locksmith business (automotive)  
              mail services business  
              manufacturing process consulting  
              manufacturing services business  
              manufacturing services business (home improvement products)  
              marketing services business  
              marriage counseling business  
              martial arts business  
              masonry business  
              massage therapy business  
              medicaid services business  
              medical equipment repair business  
              metal fabrication business  
              midwifery business  
              mobile app business  
              mold removal business  
              mortgage consulting business  
              moving service business  
              music editing business  
              nail salon business  
              nanny service business  
              nanny services business  
              natural remedies business  
              night club business  
              nursing care business  
              nursing home business  
              office design business  
              office relocation business  
              party entertainment business  
              pavement service business  
              personal training business  
              pest control business  
              pharmacy business  
              phone retail business  
              phone support business  
              phone systems business  
              photo booth business  
              photography business  
              planning consulting business  
              PPC services business  
              precious metal business  
              pressure cleaning business  
              printing business  
              promotional products business  
              property inspection business  
              property inventory business  
              property maintenance business  
              property management business  
              psychic healings business  
              psychic readings business  
              pub and bar business  
              public relations business  
              radio advertising business  
              real estate business  
              recruitment services business  
              removal service business  
              renewable energy certificate services business  
              reputation management business  
              resort business  
              restaurant business  
              restoration service business  
              retail business  
              retirement planning business  
              reverse mortgage business  
              ride services business  
              road repair business  
              sales coaching business  
              sales outsourcing business  
              satellite tv service business  
              seafood business  
              security services business  
              SEO services business  
              sewage treatment business  
              shipping services business  
              shooting range business  
              sign design business  
              skin care retail business  
              skin care services business  
              social media services business  
              software development business  
              spa business  
              steel manufacturing business  
              storage business  
              student housing business  
              supply chain consulting business  
              surfing school business  
              sushi restaurant business  
              sweets and desserts business  
              tattoo business  
              tattoo removal business  
              tax consulting business  
              tea towel supply business  
              therapy business  
              timber supply business  
              tinting service business  
              tire supply and repair business  
              tissue lab business  
              topographical survey business  
              tour business  
              towing business  
              translation service business  
              transportation business  
              trash removal business  
              tree nursery business  
              tree service business  
              trucking business  
              tutoring services business  
              vacation rentals business  
              vehicle wrap business  
              vending service business  
              venue rental business  
              veterinarian service business  
              video marketing business  
              video production business  
              video SEO services business  
              virtual office business  
              voice over business  
              VOIP services business  
              waste removal service business  
              watch repair business  
              water treatment business  
              web design and SEO business  
              web development business  
              web hosting business  
              wedding photography business  
              wedding planning business  
              weight loss treatment business  
              welding supplies business  
              well services business  
              whale tour business  
              wheelchair business  
              wholesale business  
              window retail business  
              wine tour business  
              workplace safety management business  
              writing service business  
              yoga instructions business  
              How to sell (?) online 
              air purifier  
              artificial grass  
              banners and buntings  
              blu ray movies  
              body cleansing wipe  
              canvas prints  
              caravan accessories  
              cats and kittens  
              chemo caps  
              computer peripheral  
              cooking supplies  
              cutting tables  
              dental strips  
              discount card  
              dogs and puppies  
              electric generators  
              electrical parts  
              electronic cigarette  
              electronic gadgets  
              electronic signs  
              engine lubricants  
              fire extinguishers  
              fireplace accessories  
              fuel tank  
              funeral stationary  
              garden supplies  
              gardening products  
              glass protection film  
              holiday costumes and accessories  
              home theatre  
              kitchen appliance  
              medical device  
              mobile device accessories  
              mobile phone  
              natural remedies  
              paint protection polish  
              pepper spray  
              pet supplies  
              picture frames  
              plant grow light  
              printer toner  
              protection film  
              reflective gear  
              rubber strips and seals  
              security labels  
              security system  
              software (pain assessment)  
              software (stock trading)  
              sports equipment  
              stock software  
              storm safety kits  
              sun shades  
              tanning lotion  
              tea towels  
              weaving equipment  
              weight loss pills  
              window blinds  
              How to find a good (?) doctor 
              physical therapist  
              plastic surgeon  
              varicose veins specialist  
              How to hire a good (?) contractor 
              ac repair contractor  
              asphalt contractor  
              bathroom remodeling contractor  
              building contractor  
              carpeting contractor  
              concrete contractor  
              deck contractor  
              drywall contractor  
              electrical services contractor  
              fence contractor  
              flooring contractor  
              garage door contractor  
              general contractor  
              gutter contractor  
              handyman contractor  
              heating service contractor  
              home automation contractor  
              home electronics contractor  
              insulation contractor  
              kitchen remodeling contractor  
              landscaping contractor  
              log home contractor  
              painting contractor  
              patio contractor  
              pest extermination service contractor  
              plumbing contractor  
              pool contractor  
              pressure cleaning service contractor  
              remodeling contractor  
              roofing contractor  
              septic tank contractor  
              sewer systems contractor  
              siding contractor  
              solar panel contractor  
              sprinkler contractor  
              stairlift repair contractor  
              storm shelter contractor  
              tree service contractor  
              walk-in shower contractor  
              water damage restoration contractor  
              water heater contractor  
              water tank contractor  
              well contractor  
              window contractor  
              window washing contractor  
              How to operate a successful (?) website 
              ach guide website  
              Albanian social website  
              anime website  
              apartment information website  
              apps information website  
              asbestos survey website  
              auto guide website  
              auto lease website  
              auto news website  
              bidet guide website  
              bidet information website  
              biography website  
              birthstones information website  
              body building guide  
              browser testing website  
              business coaching website  
              business development help website  
              business networking website  
              business opportunity website  
              business review website  
              camera review website  
              cannabis website  
              caricatures website  
              celebrity fan website  
              certification guide website  
              charity website  
              chili website  
              classifieds website  
              computer information site  
              condo website  
              contractor search website  
              cooking information website  
              coupon website  
              crossbow guide website  
              crowdfunding website  
              daily deal website  
              data recovery website  
              data storage guide website  
              dating information website  
              DDoS information website  
              depression information website  
              dining guide website  
              directory website  
              dog race information website  
              dog website  
              domain brokerage website  
              equine services website  
              essay search website  
              exercise guide website  
              fashion guide website  
              firearm guide website  
              fishing guide website  
              fitness guide website  
              fonts download website  
              food information website  
              food recipe website  
              free offers website  
              funny content website  
              game guide website  
              genealogy website  
              hairstyles guide website  
              headstones website  
              health tips website  
              home improvement blog  
              horse race information website  
              hotel information website  
              hunting information website  
              immigration information website  
              investment information website  
              job classifieds website  
              life coaching website  
              make-up guide website  
              medical guide website  
              mobile app guide website  
              mobile device website  
              movie guide website  
              music website  
              musical instrument website  
              news website  
              payment info website  
              phone credit website  
              piano sheet music website  
              product review website  
              promo code information website  
              race guide website  
              rc planes website  
              resume guide website  
              sailing information website  
              salary guide website  
              school information website  
              self-help website  
              software download website  
              speech guide website  
              sports website  
              structured settlement website  
              test prep website  
              tickets information website  
              traffic brokerage website  
              travel information website  
              travel vaccination information website  
              UDID registration website  
              URL shortener website  
              usenet files information website  
              video chat website  
              video website  
              visitor information website  
              wallpaper website  
              warranty information website  
              weight loss website  
              wireless phone website

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